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We're Amos & Andy from "Tuxedo Junction" & we have something very SPECIAL to share with you.
Today we saw a kitty running down the street & noticed he dropped something. Being the nosies that we are we had mommy go get it for us to see. We were saddened when we saw what it was but then had an idea ..........
We decided to share with you what we found & ask for your help. Please take the time to read below & then pass this to ALL you can think of. With your help we think we can help that little kitty get his message out.



Dear Santa Claws it's us again,
the orphans on the street.
We still don't have a place to live,
nor any food to eat.

There's not been alot of changes,
since we wrote you last year.
Some have gone to Rainbow Bridge,
but there's many still down here.

Perhaps our letters don't reach you,
because we've no home address.
If you should happen to get this one,
please help us from this mess.

We're not asking you to bring us
any special toys or things.
We're only asking for a home,
and the love a family brings.

Please Santa take time to read this,
before you head to the sky.
And find out there some loving hearts,
that will not pass us by.

"The Furbabies of the Streets"

As kitties that once lived in an orphanage before mommy found us we know what it's like to be without a home, but to be on the streets is far worse.

If you'd like to visit our place just "CLICK HERE"

Thank you all & much happiness to you & yours throughout the holidays!!!


Midi playing is "As I Wandered".
Poem "A Letter to Santa" was written by P. Hickok
All Rights Reserved. copyright November 2000