GREETINGS EVERYONE!!!!! We officially opened Sept. 15, 1999 & feel we have enough track down & side trips available to entertain you for awhile. We're working to complete more track each day but as everyone knows...... the work is NEVER done.

This is a little different kind of rail-line but we're sure it's one you'll enjoy {least we hope you do}. To get to the DEPOT to start your trip we have provided a car below which will take you there. After that you're on your own & welcome to stay as long as you like. We'd also like to take this opportunity to invite you back as we like repeat visitors as much as new one's. Great friendships have been built that way.

** If at ANY time you see something that belongs to you or someone else and there is a "copyright" on it please notify us immediately & it will be removed. As far as we're aware everything used to build the rail-line was "free" for the taking. **

Well we see the car has arrived {sorry it's a little small but it's a short ride} so climb in and you'll be off to "THE DEPOT"

Please see "Special Announcement" below the picture of Max.

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If you came here by way of "The FeLine" and wish to continue on it "CLICK" on the track below.

The Rail

Please take some time to visit this lovely "Tribute to Max" who was brutally murdered & sign the petition seeking justice for him. Thank you !!!!


Due to the winter months our trains have been having problem getting around the Junction because of snow & ice on the tracks. Because of this we have decided to close down the Junction until at least spring. During this time we hope to get some much needed work done to make your visit more pleasent. Please return in the spring to visit us. We're sorry you came this far to only find us closed for the season. See you in the Spring!!!!

We've had customers get a ticket to ride the train at TUXEDO JUNCTION.

IT'S OFFICIAL !!!!!! Thanks to all of our friends we did get to bring home the OSCAT for April-June 2001. If you "click" on our trophy you can see where we got this wonderful award from.

We were visited by Murph & Toby {Official Talent Scouts for the BFCC} during Xmas 2000 who soon after delivered great news to us. If you'd like to visit them before going to the "Depot" just "click" on their banner.

"THE GREAT NEWS": We were given the honor of being named the Jan. 2001 "Featured Site" at the BFCC. This is a new thing there & we were the first to receive this wonderful news. Thank you so much !!!!!!
It's a great place to visit with much to do. Stop over & see for yourself by "clicking" on our award below.

Shortly after we opened the Junction we were honored by being featured in "Purrs & Stuff". It's a great newsletter & if you'd like to receive it just "click" on the award to go sign up for it. Don't forget your way back here though.

of the

of POD

What a great halloween treat the above was. We were notified 10/31/99 that we had been chosen as "The Best of the Pod" that day. We are so honored & thrilled!!!! Thank you "Cats Pod" .......