HI EVERYBODY!!!! I'm so glad you dropped in. As you can see........ I'm the playmate of the month. No matter what month you stop by I'll still hold that title cuz I'm so adorable & because I haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up. As you may have already seen if you were in my brothers room earlier....... he's already decided. Me? Well I want to be all & do everything.

I was the first kitty mommy picked when she came to where we were staying. When she saw Amos she didn't know what to do cuz she hadn't planned on two. After playing with both of us together she told the lady "I'll take them both". The lady looked at her like she was crazy & you know what???? She is!!! Well I was the first she picked & I know she loves me best but she says that's not true.

I have cute little things I do & mommy is such a push-over she falls for all my cuteness. When she's trying to walk somewhere I just flop down in front of her feet, roll on my back, cross my little paws & give her my cute look. She then has to take time out & rub my belly with her foot {we say she's walking all over me but the truth is I walk all over her}. Another one of my "cute tricks" is to drag my rope around in my mouth meowing my little heart out til she swings it around for us to play with. My "rope" is actually an old nylon rope-like belt that went to one of her uniforms. You'd think with ALL the toys I have I could drag around something else but nope... that's my favorite. Another thing I like to do {but not too often} is go fishing. Amos often joins me but feels he's got to wear his "lucky hat" when he fishes. See what I mean..... if he doesn't look goofy no one does.

Mommy puts a basin of water down for me & drops one of my toys in it. I fish for it but usually it's more like bobbing for apples cuz I go after the little bugger with my teeth. The only time I want to get my paws wet is when I'm washing them off after going potty. Amos doesn't like that I use our water dish for this. He can be sooooo fussy sometimes.

At the present time I'm single cuz I think I'm too young to have a wink-wink and also cuz I still have too many oats {or is it catnip?} to sow. I do however have my eyes on a cute little kitty named Ashley. I met her through "meowtalk" where Amos & I are the "Official CATchmakers". We got her sister Lil hooked up with a good-looking guy named Willie who's also from meowtalk. You can find out more about them later at our friends place. Ashley is too young also for anything serious but hopefully someday........

Well that's enough chatter for now. I do have some nice things in my room for you to see & I'll tell you about each as we come to them. I also have a couple pictures of me here. I hope to have more in here cuz I like to be surrounded by good-looking things. Enjoy your visit in my room & come back again. You never know what you may find.

Remember I told you I like to be surrounded by good-looking things? Well what could be more good-looking {actually beautiful} than a picture of Ashley.... I did the same as Amos did. One of my walls has her as my wallpaper. Naturally it's the one right across from the bottom of my bed so I can just hang out here & stare at it.

Me staring at "my girl"

"My Ashley"

I wasn't kidding about her being beautiful was I? She's not only beautiful but she's talented too. She's an author now & if you'd like to see her VERY first short story "My Virtual Vacation" just use the pretty flower to see it. Oops sorry but the novel sold out!!!! Now when you see more of my pics you'll have to agree we're a PURRfect match just like Amos & M.K. are. BTW in case we've forgotten to mention...... Ashley & M.K. are twins just like we are.

Well here are two pics of me: 1} my 1st baby pic and 2} my x-mas {"98"} pic. I'm also waiting for my more recent one's to come in.

"Practicing my singing at an early age"

"Too much holiday SPIRIT you think???"

That's my pics for now too. I will have more later for you to see.

I also belonged to the C.I.A but that, unfortunately for all, closed. I had my I.D. out but felt it best to pack it away. I'm still out looking for a new job. Our former Director at the C.I.A. still has a card shop & has opened a branch at our mall. Visit it!!!
We do belong to another club now that we recently joined that is run by Samson & Delilah. You can join too by checking out my membership card.

Well, like Amos, I too am now once again employed. I got my business card today when he did. If you'd like a job too check the agency's address on my card.

A couple of our friends have asked us to join their "webbing rings" or something like that. We'll probably do that too {once we figure out what the heck they are} but we don't want any webs here if they have spiders in them. We have enough spiders here already.

Well enough talk...... lets play & eat & play some more. I LOVE to play!!! Course I REALLY LOVE to eat even more.

This is a fun thing to play on. I get to keep it in my room cuz Amos got the dispenser in his. This was another birthday present from our friends.

Help yourself to some of this. We don't have to worry about running out cuz I have lots of bags of it. I keep a stockpile of different kinds but my favorite is chicken so that's what I have the most of.

I'm happy to report I also have my own award now. Tamara stopped by & later sent me this for MY room.........

I've recently joined a club that Amos can't be in cuz he's too skinny. In honor of us "chunkies" our furiend Madam Troublinski opened a club. I have my "Offurcial Memfurship Card" & if you "click" on it you can see my full-spread picfur. You can see othfur memfurs too.

Well I hear music coming from mommys room so maybe she'll let us in although she says it's still too messy & disorganized for visitors yet. She said "NO WAY!!!" Guess we'll have to go to our furiends. We'll just sneak out {bet we can follow the music to their place ...."click" on the "notes"}.