Howdy PAWdners & welcome to my room. In case you couldn't tell.... I'm a "cowboy wannabe". I'm a lean-mean-fighting-machine & I run this house. You may hear something different from mommy & my brother Andy but don't believe them.

Mommy picked ME out first & when she saw my brother she thought....mmmmm I guess I could get him too. She probably figured he'd make a nice plaything for me & she was right. I really love my brother & don't know what I'd do without him {except get ALL of mommy's attention}.

When I first came to live with mommy she thought something was wrong with my vocal cords cuz when I tried to meow nothing much came out. Truth was I didn't have much to say. Now, however, I definitely let myself be heard although I still don't talk as much as Andy. He's a regular chatter-box, especially at night when mommy & I are trying to get our beauty rest {not that I need it!}.

Mommy thinks I'm nosy cuz I'm always into & onto things. She doesn't seem to understand that in order to run a safe & organized household I must constantly be checking things. This includes EVERYTHING & EVERYONE that comes into the house. I also patrol our patio frequently to keep track of WHO or WHAT might try entering our yard. This is a big job & I don't receive any perks for this. Maybe I should look into getting a union in here....

I don't do any of Andy's silly tricks to get mommy's attention. I just try to climb up her leg or I jump up on something & try to climb up her back or chest. This gets her attention every time.

I'm not a very out-going sorta guy and really don't like people messing with me 'cept for my mommy. When we go visit grammy & grampy I head under grampy's chair & usually stay there til time to go home. Grampy always says "Glad you came to visit us Amos" when we're ready to leave. I don't know WHY he says that cuz I certainly didn't visit, I just hung out & bided my time til we could go. At least when they come here I'm much better. I don't hide but I also don't let them get too friendly with me.

I'm single at the present time & like it that way cuz I enjoy my freedom. There is a little kitty named MaryKate that I've met through meowtalk that I've got my eyes on but I'm not ready for anything serious yet & neither is she cuz she's too young still {only 4 mos. old now}.

Well enough information about me. Make yourself at home in here & look around. I have a few pictures of me plus a couple other things. I'm still getting settled in so I don't have all my stuff here that I want. Come back often to see what I add.

Remember the little kitty I mentioned a short time ago........ well I've got her picture on one of my walls. I really think it MAKES my room. I know it makes me happy being able to see her sooooooo well from my bed I'm in below.

I really think she's gonna make a beautiful little cowgirl & I'm sure you'll agree after you see her. In this picture though I think she looks more like she's from "Little House on the PURRairie" but that would do too.

So what do you think??? Pretty beautiful huh? She likes cowboys too so that makes it all perfect!!!! I'm sure that after you see my pictures you'll agree that M.K. & I make a PURRfect couple.

Now I'd like to show you a couple more pics I have here. The first is my 1st baby picture & the 2nd is one taken around x-mas time {"98"}.



Well that's the pics for now. I do have a couple other things I'd like to show you that I'm real proud of. I'm a former agent in the "C.I.A"{cat intelligence agency}. Regretfully I have to tell you the agency closed shortly after we moved to our new home here so I need to find a new job. I did have my I.D. here & my diploma for passing Level 1 at the training school but I have packed them away. I have however filled the wall space with my membership card from Samson & Delilahs club. Andy & I joined it just recently.

Well it's official now ....... I'm back to work. I just received my business card today. It's a very good employment agency & if you want a job too then check out my card below.

Now you can play awhile or grab a little snack. Oh but first I have to share a picture with you. I heard Andy had one in his room of us fishing & that he was making fun of my hat...... Well paybacks can be bad sometimes. This next picture shows you how gullable my brother can be at times. All I said was... "Look Andy, I think I just saw Ashley go under the bed!!!"

Help yourself to some Pounce from the dispenser we got for our birthday from KeeKee, Bambi, Littlefoot & Mimi. They're very good & good for you!

Now that you filled your tummy it's time for some stretching exercises to keep the pounds from the pounce off. I don't want to be responsible for you getting out of shape.

Well I'm sure Andy is in his room waiting for you so I'd better let you go. Hope you had fun here & that you come back to play & visit me in my room again soon.

You can take my little over to his room. It's another birthday present from our friends that gave us the dispenser. We got LOTS of nice things from them. I don't know if Andy has his in his room or not. He leaves his toys all over the house. Bye for now & thanks for stopping in to visit & play. SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!

WAIT EVERYONE......... before you run off to Andy's room I just HAVE to show you something I received recently {9/19/99}. Breeze & her "Fur Kids" from Wind Wood Acres stopped by & gave me something for my room. I've got to admit I feel pretty smug about it because I'm the VERY first to get it. You heard it right....... I'm the FIRST & darn proud of it. She saw what a good "cowboy" I am & knew I'd take care of it in my room. Her place is about the best country place I've been to since I started exploring the range. Check out what she sent me to see for yourself.

Now you can go up to Andy's room. I just wanted you to see this before you left {incase you don't come back}.