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Looks like a few haf already found der party chairs fur da evening. Sure hope dey sofurlize at some point in da party.

The decfurations are up & so is da tree, although we're not too sure how long dat'll remain upright. Seems a few ovfurly festive kitties haf decided to purrch in it. Must be what dey call "catbirds".

Hey guys no swingins furm da branches!!!! If mew wants to bounce around on a tree use dis one but trys not to fall off & crush da purrsent.

Fur dose of mew dat are a litte more sedate we haf somefing fur mew too. We had a stof put in to keep da basement warmfur. It gets so damp down here. Mew can just kick back by it and EAT, DRINK & BE MEOWRY!!!!

Speaking of eatins & drinkins ......... are mew getting hungry??? Well we haf food & drinks fur all. Grab meurself a purrlate    or two and digs in. Dere's purrlenty fur all.
We haf fureshly baked Catnip Cookies and also a purrlate of Tuna Truffles & Chicken Catapes. Unfurtunately dey all came out looking alike but belief us, da taste of each is diffurent.
Now if mew need somefing to helps wash dem down {besides a hose} we haf our own "SPURRCIAL RECIPE". We got it furms da Baldwin Sisfurs {mew noze dem ..... da Walton's neighfurs}. It's what we call our "CATankfurous Catnip Cocktail". Watch out cuz it sneaks up on mew & has a real bite to it.

Now if mew just feel like munching we haf furesh catnip or mew can haf some "Chicken Chips" furm da bag {sorry we didn't put dem in a bowl}.

Well stay here & pig out as long as mew want. When mew're ready mew can head out fur some enfurtainment. Who noze mew may efen want to get up & shake a paw {or two or three or four}.

Fink someone should tell dat one he's not only missing out on da food but he's missing enfurtainment too. Bet he's been into TOO much of da recipe. Wonfur if he efen noze who or where he is. He purrbably doesn't care so why bothfur him???? How 'bouts da rest of us head fur some enfurtainment now?????

Now dat mew've made it in here get out & enjoy meurselfs. We've remofed da furniture so dere's more room to dance da night awayz. Now go and "cut some rug". Unfurtunately da enfurtainers had to leaf as dey had anofur "gig" somewhere. We'f hired more & hopez dey getz here soon fur mew allz but til den we still haf mewsic so kick up meur paws!!!!

If mew'd like to follow da straggler below he'll takez mew back downstairz. IF mew dos go wif him now mew'll miss seeing some purrsents we've gotten AND mew'll miss getting our purrsent to mew!!! If mew wants to see our purrsents den "CATCH" da one dat escaped. It'll bounce mew into da room. Da choice is meurs now to decide what mew'll do.