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KEEK: Iz dis da rite way to dat purrstigous estabfurment A & A?

A & A: Yeppurrie Keek & it'z not much furfur now.

HEN: Oh I'z gettinz soooooooo catcited espurrcially cuz it'z been along time since I'f been out furm undfur da bed.

CHEECH: I shur hopez we'z goinz to my favfurite cathowze {er..... I meanz resfurant}.

SAMMY: Well I herd dat at dis purrlace we'z goinz dat Erin'z goin braless. Iz dat sumone mew noze Cheech furm Madame O'z?

HEN: Well whoevfur dat Erin iz purrleaze leaf me outta it. I'z in enuff trublez alreadyz & I don't needz no more.

KEEK: Dat'z fur shur. I fink we'z allz are in enuff doo doo & it started in dat Sintrailz Purrk in Mew Yerk City.

CHEECH: I shur hopez dere ain'tz no repurrterz or camfura crazy foolz in dis purrlace. If I wantz to letz my furz down & kick up my pawz I don't wantz it to be no "Kodak Moment".

A & A: Well guyz we'z here. Hope mew can findz a purrlace to park Keek. Dey haz valletz serfice here but we'd nevfur let any of doze carecatturz drife any car of ourz.

KEEK: Okay guyz soon az I parkz diz boat evfuryone get mewsefz out. Hey duz anyone gotz any tunaz fur da meetfur???

A & A,KEEK,CHEECH,HEN & SAMMY: Lookz out evfuryone'z we'z loose & ready to PARTY !!!!!!!!

"Dork the Doorman"

DORK: Excuze me boyz but do you have reservations?

BOYZ: Mew betz we dewz ....... we'f rented da whole purrlace fur a purrivate party.

DORK: Well then by all means do come in. Before you enter though I think you should each grab a hat,bowtie,button & even some shoes. These will really put you in the mood to party.



AARON: I'm Aaron NOT Erin & I ain't NEVER had a thing to do with bras!!!!!!! I'll be your waiter tonite so if you need anything just toss a banana my way to get my attention. There's a piano & pool table if anyone feels like it. We also have a supurb buffet we're sure you'll love. By the way if anyone feels an URGE ....... don't even THINK about peeing in our snow outside. You'll find a door at the back of the place that'll take you to the john. Well enjoy yourselves ..........

HENRY: So duz anyone feelz like joininz me in a game of pool? I waz finkinz it lookz soooooo green dat mabeez it'z grass. If it iz den we don'tz needz no snowz hee hee.

SAMMY: I'd be catful watt mew seyz Hen. Aaron lookz like he meanz it when he seyz we gotz to use da john if we gotz to pee. By da way ......... who'z john & why duz we needz hiz helpz to pee????

CHEECH: Well I guess since dere'z no braless Erin here to ticklez I may az wellz ticklez sum ivfury & mabeez efen singz sum fur evfuryone. "When Irish eyez are smilinz all da ......

KEEK: Cheech purrleaze quitz dat screechinz I wantz to go eat & not ralph up my fudz. Wattz mew finkz A & A iz mew ready to hitz da buffitz tablez???

A & A: Mew noze us Keek & dat mew don'tz haf to axe us twice. Letz go !!!!!!!

KEEK: Hey guyz mew don'tz noze watt mewz missinz. Dere'z bunz, irish mousie stew, my favfurite turkey, & efen irish pizza. Sure hopez dat'z nipz on da top & not mold.

A & A: Boy Keek it lookz like diz buffitz waz made spurrcially fur mew. Dere'z sure enuff turkey ain't dere? We gotz to go findz sum brew to helpz wersh da food down so we haf room fur more. Hey Cheech, Henry & Sammy mew'd betfur hurry befur Keek eatz all da turkey.

A & A: Yuhoo guyz dere uzed to be 99 bugz of bew on da taber but lookie now. We'f beed habin sum fanz at dish taple. Oh we stinkz er we means drinkz no we meanz pinkz ...... wait NO WAY we'z pinkz. We finkz we'd bebber sopz dinkinz fur a wilez.

KEEK: Hey guyz come helpz da Butt Brofurs out. I fink deyz sloshed. And come getz sumfing to eatz & drinkz !!!!!!!

HENRY: I'z on my way. I waz good too & didn'tz pee in da pool. I meanz on da pool table.

SAMMY: I shur hopez dat Bitsy duzn't haf her supurr sensin schnazz werkinz or she'll be here befur we noze it.

CHEECH: Well sense no one likez my singinz & sense dere'z no dansfurz here I guess I'll haf sum chow too.

ALL DA BOYZ: Wif all dis foodz & drinkz we'd best locatez John purrty soon. Mabeez he'z back dere by dat sign.

KEEK: I fink dat john iz down dis hall sumwearz.

A & A: Well we shur hopez so or dere'z gonna beez biggy purrblemz.

HENRY: I fink mew nockz on dat sign or sumfing to findz john. If he ain't dere den jest go outside to da snowz. We kin alwayz say da devful made mew do it.

A & A: We'z on our way to potty. In case we don'tz returnz ......... "HAPPY ST. CATTY'Z DAY" !!!!!!!!

"CLICK" above picture for "JOHN"

- Boyz & Keek's caddie furnished by Cheech & his mommy Judy of LuvKittys.
- Dork & Erin on loan from the Bronx Zoo in Mew Yerk City.