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We're soooooo happy mew found meur way here. We've got some fun here fur mew. Furst mew haf to make meur way fru our room wif our club memfurship cards. Affur all dis IS our play/clubhouse so what would mew expect to see??? Our halloween party is in da dungeon {oops we means basement} & da attic is all decfurated fur our Kissmouse party.

Well start making meur way fru so mew can join in on da fun ...... time's a wasting. As mew can tell furm da mewsic ....... Da Parties haf Begun!!!!!

Dese are our memfurship cardz furm all da clubz we belongz to. If mew "clickz" on da cardz mew can findz out more & joinz too. Da furst card iz a clubz "Fur Boyz Onlyz" so girlz don't efen bothfur clickinz it ........ mew can't joinz !!!!!!!

Dese are more clubs we'f joined:

Well da fun's in da othfur rooms so why not head dere. Hope mew enjoy meurself. Oh yeah just in case mew need it while mew're here da potty is fru da furst door mew see. Just knock befur mew entfur. Someone will help mew find meur way back.

Well if mew're ready just head fru a door below & join us. Da one on da left will take mew to da dungeon & da one on da right goze up to da attic {where our Kissmouse party iz}. We had to use heavy doorz to block out da noise. Mew needs to knocks on da doorz to get in.

If mew ain't in da partying mood now mew can go to our house instead. Just follow da kitty below & he'll get mew out to da yard. Furm dere mew can gets in da house or catch da train to goes elsewhere.