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We haz more cardz here to showz mew furm furiendz.

Fanks Victor

Fanks Swizzle,Jasper,Marble Cakes & babies

Fanks Chipit,Chocolate & Jasmine

Fanks Levi & Maggie

Fanks Chloe & Shirley

Well mew've seenz giftz & cardz we'f gotten furm furiends & now it's OUR turn to gif out a purrsent. Santy helped us make 2 purrsents to gif out {cactually Aunt Ellie made dem}. Mew're welcomez to eithfur one and if mew fink mew've been extra good dis year mew can haf BOF!!!


Purrlease put a link back to
so othfurs can comez & getz one too. Fanks !!!!
Dat's it in here gang. Glad mew stopped in to see our fings & to pick up somefing fur meursef. Now mew can avoidz da crowd of party-animalz in our purrlayhouse & go inside our house where it's a little quietfur. Just follow Santy & he'll helpz mew sneakz out and take mew dere.