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We're so glad mew stopped in to see our purrsents dat haf arrifed early. Santa purrbably has soooooo much stuff to load kissmouse eve dat he fought he'd get an early start wif some fings. So let's see what we got ...........

We got dese cards & da purrsent furm our good furiends & cuzzies LittleBamKeek & Aunt Ellie ...... fanks so much !!!!!!


We can't showz mew da purrsent cuz we shredded da box furry bad. Mommy made us remof it furm here. Oh wellz .............

We are furry sad too dat we didn't take betfur care of da snowman & tree dey sent us. Da dern snowman melted {we didn't keeps him cold enuff} & da dang tree died {we furgotz to water it. Sniff sniff ...... it waz soooooooo purrty too}.

Here's somemore cards we'f receifed furm good furiends .....

Fanks Lucille & famfurly

Fanks Henry & Freya

Fanks Joan & famfurly

Fanks RC,Sluggo & famfurly

Fanks Bitsy

Fanks Zena,Scraps,Neek

Fanks Peppermille

Fanks Cheech,Nic,Al & Puffer

Fanks Pepe & Purrbabies

Fanks Troubie,Moke,Sylvesta & SnowFluffer

Now if mew'll just follow Santy Catz below he'll takez mew to seez more cardz. Dat'z where we haf one fur mew.