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Hi everyone & welcome to our place. Our names are Amos and Andy. We are the owners of Tuxedo Junction and the rail-line you'll be traveling on.

We're brothers and we were 3 yrs. old in Aug{2000}. Want to see the GREAT birthday card we got last year? This may come as a BIG surprise to you but..... we're kitties. Pretty smart aren't we????

We live with our mommy in upstate New York. She adopted us when we were 8 wks. old. She had only planned on adopting one but she couldn't decide between the two of us cuz we were {and still are} so adorable. We took to her right away and have spoiled her badly. She says it's the other way around.

We have a grammy, grampy & Uncle Shad {he's a D'g} that live nearby so we get to see them often. That doesn't always thrill our uncle but he realizes "WE RULE" and "HE DROOLS" {he doesn't really}. Our grampy named us the day mommy got us & took us up to visit them. When mommy wants to upset us she calls us "Amy & Annie". Not nice!!!!!

Our Aunt Dona lives out in Las Vegas with our human cousins Dustin & Jordan and Uncle Eddie. We don't get to see them much but we e-mail them alot.

We stay in the house {except when we go visiting or to the drs} cuz mommy says it's "A Jungle" out there. We don't mind too much cuz we have a screened in patio and we go out there alot. We get to see birdies, squirrels, toads, and other kitties & doggies.... we just can't play with them.

We do have lots of friends though that we met using "our" webtv. You'll get a chance to meet them later if you'd like.
This was great ..... our good friends KeeKee,Henry,Cheech & Sammy came from out West to spend some time with us. You've gotta see what happened to them in NYC on their way here. Check out Keek's "Travel Album" he's made. You can also see the pics he has of all of us celebrating St. Patty's Day while they were here.

Well that's about all for now. Oh yeah one more thing...... we're always well dressed...... we wear tuxes.

We're still playing in our playhouse but have to clean that up soon. There'll still be things to see & do there {it'll just be cleaner we hope}. So now before you go in the house you can go in our playhouse for awhile. Just follow the colorful little "pawprints" when you come to them. We think some kitty must have been dipping his paws in food coloring. You must admit though it's quite festive. They'll lead you to the playhouse.

Well here's those crazy little prints we told you about. Good thing they're colored since it makes following them so much easier.

If you don't want to go to our playhouse you can just go right to the house.

Before you go anywhere maybe you'd like to drop us a little note. You can leave it here

Now head on into the house but please wipe your paws first. You can use this door but you might need to knock on it.

You say you DON'T want to go in the house???? You sure will be missing out on some great fun. Okay get the train & go meet our friends.


If you don't want to do either then you can grab the train below & return to the Depot.