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Welcome to the mewseum. We've managed to obtain some furry wonderful works of art to go in here. They're not only luffly to look at but each has a special story behind it. We hope mew take the time to read each as they're quite infurmative. Please feel free to take your time & just browse around the place.

This is a free mewseum but we would like to ask mew to purrlease consider making a small donation {befur mew go in} to help feed the hungry hoomins of the world. We haf a small chest here fur donations. It'll take no time at all but will haf such a lasting effect. Fank mew furry much & enjoy touring our mewseum.

The World Hunger Site

Stop back often because as new masterpieces come in we will be putting them out fur viewing. We plan to visit many places {auctions, estate sales & just private sales} to gather things fur here. Purrlease be patient as the place expands & hopefully becomes a famous mewseum known world over.

Many of the pieces have the same or similar theme but will be by a diffurent artist. The story behind the paintings & artworks will be diffurent too so be sure to read them also.

People Against Animal Abuse Worldwide

All Creatures Great & Small blue ribbon crusade

P.A.L.{Pet Action League}Spay & Neuter

Noah's Ark

The Price of Abandonment

Feral Cats Have Rights Too

Keeping Cats Indoors

William Tell's True Tale

Mr. Chips CountryPet

Sharifs Sundown

No Kill Shelter SearchThe Longest Walk

Odd Socks For Animals

Stamp Out Overpopulation

Ginny the Rescue Dog


Animal Cruelty Actionline

Lucy 4 Justice


Remember Dunkin

Noah's Ark Rainbow Angels

Triumph Over 

Stop Child Abuse

Help Stop Child Abuse

Killing Our Children

I've Been Bad Again

Most Precious Gift

Angels In Heaven

That's all we've obtained so far but we'll continue to add as pieces come in. If anyone is infurested in getting demselves some luffly fings dey can go to da places below. Our "vintage" cat picfur here & in our lifing room came from Diabella's. Our luffly kitty & kids picfurs at da top of da mewseum came from Ayzha's Attic.

Diabella's Vintage PostcardsAyzhas Attic Care Tags

Befur you leave we would like to show you a special opening gift we received fur the mewseum. It's from a "Furry Special Mommy" in honor of her "Special Furangel". Please take the time to see why "both" are so special.


Well the train's parked & waiting to take you back to the "DEPOT" in case you missed anything. Thanks fur visiting!!! We hope this has been interesting & educational fur you & that you drop by again.


If you arrived at the Junction via "The FeLine" and wish to continue on it please take the "TRACK" below. This will return you to our welcome center where you can grab the FeLine to travel on.