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We're glad mew decided to come in & check fings out. We wants mew to make meurself at home. Hopefurly if mew finds it comfurtable mew'll come back again to visit. We also want to encourage mew to invite a kitty in dat doesn't haf a home. It's not only warmer inside but it's SAFUR!!

In here mew'll finds a furiety of fings. We change fings wen we'f gots da time & da mood strikes. We'f been puttings spurrcial purrsents we'f gotten furm furiends in here & othfur fings too. Mommy says it's messy but ........ HEY it's our house what's she expect???

As long as mew're here we haf a few fings we'd like to show mew. Dis is a most purrized purrsent. It's FURRY spurrcial to us cuz we got it one day when we went ovfur to Aunt Ellie's house. Purrlease don't touch it cuz it might break & dat would make us furry sad.

We fink it's bootiful & if mew agree go visit her {she's da mommy of KeeKee, Bambi & Littlefoot} when mew gets to our furiends neighfurhood and she'll purrbably gif mew one too. She's nice like dat.

We recently receifed anofur furry bootiful gift furm our furiend Tamara & her mommy. {mew can meet dem latfur too}. Becuz dis was made spurrcial fur us we had to find a shelf to put it up on. Just anofur fing we didn't wants to get broken. We just LUFF dis......... {it's US hee-hee}

If mew're a little hungry or fursty help meurself to some catnip or somefing to drink.

Well now it's time to pull out da photo album of our furiends. Alot of dem mew can meet latfur if mew go to der homes. Some of dem hafn't built houses in da neighfurhood yet but mew can at least see what dey look like. We'f also put out our Birfurthday Book {it's da "scrapbook"} so mew can check out da birfurthdays of all our furiends at Meowtalk & KittyChat.

Mew might like to haf a seat while looking at da books. Why not try dis.... sure beats standing.
den again mew may be da type dat just likes to spurrawl out while looking at fings.... if so den dis is fur mew.

We hopes mew enjoy looking at da books and as soon as we get more organized we'll haf our "baby book" album out fur mew to see too. On to da books ......


Dat's all we'f gots here now but we'll be adding more soon as we can finds our fings.
Besides dat.... kitty clock says it's time to mof on into our rooms.

Da furst bedroom belongs to da furmous "cowboy" so guess how mew'll get dere? Can mew fink of a more appurrpriate way???

Whoooo waits a minute!!! Don't put meur boots on yet. We haf to tell mew somefing GREAT!!!

We just opened da Junction & mofed in Sept. 15,1999 and already we had to call da contracfurs back to put an addition on our purrlace. Mommy said she hasn't been able to get much sleep because of it but she's so purroud of us she doesn't mind.

We'f added a room fur our "Trophies & Awards" and da only fing dat annoyed us about it was when dey made us stay out. Well we sees it's done & mew can too if mew join us. Tap {click} on da door window.