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Hi there! Glad you decided to stop in our little playhouse before you went in the house. Mommy let us fix this up for all our halloween prizes & goodies we got since she said we couldn't bring them inside cuz there wasn't enough room. Oh yeah ..... don't mind old "Mr. Bones" ..... he just likes to hang around & since he WAS here first we let him stay. He guards our "treasures" for us when we're not here.

If you see anything you want to eat just help yourself but please don't take any of our prizes we won. If you check them you can find where we won them & then go get some for yourself. We got the "treats" too while out halloweening but we think we have enough to share.

Now to show you our LOOT {by the way we're not REALLY cat-burglers ..... these we given to us}. The very first thing we did was head over to Victors where we got a bag to carry our goodies in. We also got one at Belle & Olivers since we each needed one. At each place we also won a prize. After that we were off to trick-or-treat. Since we didn't play any tricks on anyone we got treats, treats, treats!!!!


We got the following treats at Jayess Haunted House.
Sorry but it looks like everyone ate them all. There still might be some at their house. We still have a basket with treats left though so don't worry you won't starve.

The next four treats came from The Jersey Cats.

We got one of our most favorite treats from Muriel's Cats.

This last treat came from a very good friend at meowtalk Tamara. Way to go girl ..... like we NEED more BASKETS of treats {ha-ha}!!! Well now there's even more to share.

We want to thank everyone that opened their homes & allowed us to "trick-or-treat" there. We especially want to thank you for all the wonderful prizes & treats. We realize how much work you must have put into it cuz just decorating our playhouse has worn us out. To express our thanks we have hired some little guys to entertain you while you munch on some treats from above. BTW ...... you can even play with our mousies we got.

Well that's enough entertainment. It's time for you to pack your bags & go back downstairs or head to the house. Besides if you stay here much longer you'll have spider webs forming on you. YUCKY!!!

Hope you enjoyed spending time with us in our attic. Now if you just smack the little kitties below that have been hanging out in the hay they'll lead you back downstairs. If you don't want to go there then hop a ride with "Broomhilda" and she'll get you back to our yard. Once there you can decide what you want to do next.