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"D E P O T"

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WELCOME to the junction. We hope you will enjoy the train ride we have for you. It has stop-overs for those interested or you can just stay aboard & view the sights from a distance {though we hope you don't do that}.

Here at the depot you can get a ticket and go directly to a place you'd like to visit or just board the train & take the tour. Along the way you'll be able to get off & catch a train back here in case you develop motion sickness {some of the ride is still quite bumpy from construction being done}.

As far as we know all the contractors we have used to build this line have given us supplies that were for public use. If, however, you see something you believe is the property of someone else please let us know so that we can correct this. You can leave a letter in our mailbox at our house.

FINALLY ..... Our mommy got us a "Registry" {1/11/00} for our passengers at the junction since we lost ours. Please take the time now to register or you can sign at the Mall after your tour. We really should have this information incase of a de-railment {also it'll help us send visitors to you and/or let ya know of anything new here}.

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Now go inside & get a ticket or just go down & get the train. Hope to see you at the end and also hope you come back often. Send or bring some friends too!!!

Oh one more thing to tell you before you take off.... this site HAS been rated and you can see the rating below.

We found this letter below at the depot & would love it if you took a moment to read it as we feel it's special. Just "click" on the kitty with the letter. When you're done come on back cuz we'll be here.

NEWS FLASH !!!!!!!
ALL the BOYZ go to our playhouse as there's a new club we joined that's for "BOYZ ONLY" !!!!!!! NO GIRLZ ALLOWED !!!!!!!!

We've just returned from a wonderful luau over at the BFCC. We have to get back cuz we're teaching a Hawaiian language course but wanted you to see the great souvenier you can get there. If you "click" on ours it'll take you to the luau. Don't forget to return here after you've partied.

OUR HOUSE ..... come on over to our place cuz we'd love to meet you.

ST. PATTY'S DAY .....see how we celebrated in 2001 with our friends.

PLAYHOUSE .....the place where we have fun & things can change at anytime

LIVING ROOM .....inside our house where you can get to the other rooms

BIRFURTHDAY BOOK .....check the book to see when our furiends special day is

AWARDS .....come see our awards & trophy room

AMOS .....come on in to my room & find out a little more about "Cowboy Amos"

ANDY room is the place to be & find out more about "Playboy Andy"

MEWSEUM .....this is a wonderful & educational place to visit. We'll be adding "artwork" as we obtain it

FRIENDS .....come to where the action is & meet our special friends

SHOP TIL YOU DROP .....anyone for places where you can get lots of different things {including lost} ??

We see you have come down to take the tour on the train. The first stop will be our house. We talked the conductor into making a quick stop at it for those of you that didn't feel like walking. There you can visit us & even go in to check things out. If you don't want to go inside then just catch the train again & head out to our friends neighborhood. Once there you can visit each in their own homes. Like us, they all love company too!!! We do hope that after you visit with any or all of them you come back to continue on the tour.

When the train departs from their neighborhood it'll be heading to the shopping mall. You could also just return to the depot to think things over again. Your ticket is good for any of these things while you're here as we realize how indecisive some people can be at various times of the day.

STILL unsure what you want to do?????? Well then you just park your butt here on the bench while you sort things out.

Now that you've had time to decide your next move here are the options again: 1} go back up & get a ticket inside the depot to somewhere or 2} hop on the train & start the tour......