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We are happy to say we have received some more purrsents. They came as awards for our holiday decorations at Tuxedo Junction.

We want to thank each of you who visited & felt our place deserved your award. All of these came from wonderful places that not only are festive but they also display a true holiday feeling.

Thanks to "The Caldwell Family".

Thank you Beth

Thanks Evil Tools {AKA Richard}

Thanks Grandma

Thanks alot Sadie {AKA Margie}

Thanks Trudy for the award & for the use of decorations {and entertainment} this Kissmouse

We would like to extend our SPECIAL thanks to the people who so graciously loaned us decorations this christmas to do up the junction. Being still new owners we didn't have the time or storage place to pick up many things this year but these folks came through for us.... "Spiders Christmas Gifs & Midis" where the vast majoriy of our decorations & ALL of our music came from. "Trudy's Christmas Shoppe" who provided us with the entertainment for our guests in our playhouse & also some decorations. "Moms Playpen" who also loaned us some decorations. A special thanks also goes to "CatStuff" where we have been able to obtain many of our own furnishings & such and take to our place to keep. MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!

From all of us at Tuxedo Junction ....... Have a wonderful holiday season & much happiness in the new year.

Now if you follow the kitty below he'll take you back to where you can get your purrsent from us.