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Glad to see mew made it around to dis side. We'f got more purrty awards we're purroud to show mew so take meur time.

Dis side starts wif one from Hope, who wif da help of her mommy, runs da "Pampered Prince & Princess Club".

     We were very honored when we got dis one. TALK ABOUT DEDICATION TO THE INNOCENTS!!! Becky double-handedly relocated herself & her MANY "fur-babies" to anofur state in ordfur to keep dem all togethfur. Guess dere really are "Angels Among Us"

We got da next 2 from Luv Kittys 11/6 when dey stopped by to visit affur halloween.


"The Bald One Of Brooklyn" stopped by befur da holpurrdays & gaf us dis. Fanks Tboob.

     Mr. BoJangles sent us dis during the holpurrdays. It's great cuz he's a tux too!!! Fanks Mr. BoJangles & Lynnda.

The Catalina Island Cats also stopped ovfur & gaf dis to us. Dey've helped make dreams come true fur so many. Fanks alot all of mew.

Dis next one was furm a "Spurrcial" furiend {Chevy} & his mommy who also made our kissmouse stockings fur us.

We got da next two awards from Sadie & Snickers. Sadie also sent us one fur all our Kissmouse decfuratng we did during da holpurrdays. Dat's ovfur in our purrlayhouse.

"Ayzha" sent us dis award she "custom-made" fur us affur our Aunt Ellie nominated our purrlace fur an award. Fank mew Aunt Ellie.

Custom Awards

We recently visited "Sue's Furry Family" where we picked up 2 more luffly awards. Fanks Sue & famfurly.

Madam Troublinski sent us dis award. Unfurtunately da colors got a little smeared in da transport we think. Dat's a picfur of da Madam herself. Fanks Troubie!!!!

We'f recently been ovfur to Dogs house & efen visited his wink-wink Lucille. We got a nice award from each of dem. Mew should visit dem ...... lots of fun!!! Fanks bof of mew.

We got dis next one from a new furiend we'f met at KittyChat. Her name's Pepe & she runs her house. See fur meurself if mew don't beleaf us.

While helping our furiend Victor find da wabbits dat took his eastfur eggs we had to go to Cori's house. Her & her famfurly visited us da next dey den sent us dis. Isn't it purrty? Fanks Cori.

We visited Monday "The Meditative Cat" & invited her to our purrlace. She liked it & gaf us dese two awards. Fanks Monday!!!

We'f gotten 2 new awards. Da furst is furm Traveler. Affur visiting & eatings lots he sent it as payment fur his meal we fink. Da othfur one is furm Tigger who visited affur his birfurthday. Fanks to bof of mew!!!

Well dat's it fur now. "CLICK" on da "livingroom" so mew can get to our rooms. Dey're on da othfur side of it.