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At LAST....... the contractors FINALLY left. They said "here's your room, what you do with it is your problem. You have walls, a ceiling & a floor now you decide how you want to decorate it."

Well we hustled our little butts around & did the best we could for the time being. That's not to say we won't rearrange things, one never knows with kitties.

So for now here it is....... our trophy & award room. We put them on the walls so you could see them well but we may find other ways to display some. Sure hope we run out of wall space {ha-ha}.

We'll tell you a little bit about each one as we come to them but to learn more you'll have to check further for yourselves. The awards contain alot of information you can get but you'll have to move them. We said MOVE not TAKE them. If you like them you'll just have to get your own. These are ours and we're proud to say so. We'll show you them in the order they were delivered to us.

Oh yeah we do need to mention that 2 awards are not here with the rest because we each got a purrsonal one. We're keeping them in our own rooms. Well let's go take a look at these awards now...........

The first 3 were sent to us from our DEAR & SPECIAL friends {also our cyber cousins} KeeKee, Littlefoot & Bambi of "Cats & Pink Cadillacs".

     We got this one from 2 DEAR & long-time friends {Kenny & Kyle} who live at "Barbie & Ken's Place" {no not the dolls sillies}.

Chloe from "Always Loving Cats" stopped in also & left this house-warming gift.

We were REALLY surprised and honored to have "The BratCats come by for a visit. They left us 2 presents for our place.


     Victor from "Victors PURRty Palace" visited & left this for us.

After Samson & Delilah stopped over to interview us for membership in "Jayess' Kopy Kat Korner Klub" they not only sent our cards but they surprised us with this also......

We recently got these two nice awards from Oliver {he has a card shop at the mall here} & Vegas. Thanks so much to both of them.

     Friends of ours from "Andie's Tabbies" gave us this one. Thanks Minnie, Tottsky, Miss Pinkerton & the kittens {Michelle, Annie & Charlie}.

We went over to Madame Alto's to pick up the award she had for us. You should stop over at her place & check out everything. Don't forget to say "hi" to our friend Captain Video./tr>

Recently we had the honor of having Queen Bitsy visit the junction. Soon after that we received 2 packages in the mail. One was an award from her & the other was one from her Aunt Tiffy.

We got these next two from Count Dracula & Red-Devil that live at "Diabella Loves Cats". We were so pleased as we know their mommy works so hard for kitties. Go see for yourself all she does.

     This award came from those 3 little cuties {Chipit, Chocolate & Jasmine} over at "The Cats Meow". We must confess.........if we weren't already smitten with 2 other kittens we'd be knocking on their door often.

This one comes from another dear friend of ours {who FINALLY got off her little butt & stopped over} Mimi of "Two Tuxedo Cats". We realize she's been busy planning for her wed-winking to KeeKee so we'll excuse her this one time.

     This is from another cutie named Mysty. We washed ashore at her place one night while on the halloween trail. We're not quite sure how it happened but we're glad it did. Go visit & you'll agree we're sure.

Well that's it for this side of the room. If you go around the partition you'll see more of our awards.